Markets have evolved

In simpler times, it was a fairly simple matter to buy some shares in big oil, big pharma or “Big Blue” (IBM) and then sit back to wait for your initial investment to bear fruit. Today, however, with highly interconnected markets each dependent upon what happens in sectors or industries in remote parts of the world, it is far more difficult to make money than it was in the “good old days”.

Investors must evolve too

In order to remain relevant and profitable in today’s markets, investors must take far more seemingly extraneous information into consideration than they would have at any time over the last 30 years. Lewis Bentley Group helps clients to become superior investors by helping them to understand why an event affecting an ostensibly unrelated company in an equally unrelated market sector can have a profound effect on the value of an asset held in their portfolio.

Opportunities . . . right now

In much the same way that we believe the last financial crisis provided the smaller investor with a rare opportunity to acquire stocks in some of the world’s most successful companies at highly attractive valuations, we believe that the current climate will provide an additional such opportunity in the very near future.

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