Forensic analysis

Research is among the most important factors in the investment process. It supports everything from our overall economic outlook to the investment opportunities we decide to pursue on your behalf.

Our in house research team takes a near-forensic approach to identifying the appropriate securities, markets and geo-location for the assets that make up your portfolio.

The value of a layman’s perspective

Our research team measures their conclusions against real-world assumptions – after all, it is possible to make all the right moves, invest in the right sectors, use the right tools and still end up losing unless one considers a layman’s perspective. It is this ability to stand back from the charts, the financial statements and the market’s noise in order to take an objective view from a macro-economic standpoint that can mean the difference between gains and losses.

Metrics to underline key business decisions
Graphs and pie charts to show the true performance of the business.

Pre-implementation diligence

Since our inception, Lewis Bentley Group has watched the painful rout in equities give way to the current bull market. Our founders firmly believe in the power and usefulness of the analysis conducted on each sector in which we operate. To this end, we place a great deal of importance on careful and diligent analysis on individual equities and market sectors before making any recommendations.

Importance of detail

Our analysis teams combine fundamental and technical analysis to identify individual stocks and the best time to buy them. We consider the implications of geo-politics, impending legislation and the prospects for a particular sector – nothing is left to chance.