First . . . we listen

The needs of our clients are the very foundation of our wealth preservation and growth strategies. First and foremost, it is essential that we gain a clear understanding of what clients’ objectives are so the first thing we do is listen intently to what it is you want and the manner in which you articulate it.

Bespoke portfolio

We start with a blank canvas and seek to identify and get a real feel for your plans for your money. Both the service we provide and the portfolio that bears your name is delivered bespoke . . . without exception. There are no off-the-shelf solutions or offerings here at Lewis Bentley Group.

Shaking on a deal.
Reviewing the proposal together.

Personal attention

Then, clients are assigned a dedicated investment adviser who will also be their key point of contact and this professional will manage the deployment of the appropriate Lewis Bentley Group specialists as your circumstances warrant. At Lewis Bentley Group, we believe that the client comes first in all matters and that personal attention should complement every aspect of the service we deliver to our clients.

Asset selection

Once we have determined your appetite for investment risk, your objectives and the length of time you wish to invest for, we will begin the task of selecting the most appropriate assets and securities. Most of our portfolios use stocks as a base for generating growth while we gravitate towards fixed income products as a means of preserving wealth and generating income. Commodities and mutual funds can be added should a client express an interest in them.

Pleased with the business outcome.