Insightful recommendations

Though Lewis Bentley Group are unashamedly medium to long term investors, we most certainly do not shun short-term investment. Indeed, many of our clients take advantage of the exciting opportunities that short-term fluctuations on the world’s financial markets can offer. They do this by basing short-term investment decisions on the recommendations contained within our trading report subscription service.

Profit in any direction

By using industry standard trading platforms like MT4 offered by most retail brokerages, clients can speculate on price movements in currency pairs, stocks, indexes and commodities. Our in-house research teams employ both fundamental and technical analysis to identify points of entry into carefully selected securities at a suitable stage within a trend whether it’s headed up or down.

Everything you need

These entry points are disseminated to subscribers by a number of instant messaging platforms on a daily basis and provide the information clients need to trade profitably. This information includes the security to be bought or sold, a detailed rationale for doing so, the optimum buy/sell price, details on where “stop losses” should be placed and where profits should be taken.

Reviewing the research.

NOTE: Owing to the short-term nature of this method of investing, there is a greater degree of risk to your capital. Trading requires leverage and is not recommended for unsophisticated investors. Losses can exceed your initial investment and clients should not speculate with money they cannot afford to lose.

Speak to our professionals for more information on this potentially highly lucrative form of investment. Lewis Bentley Group reserves the right to withhold the extension of this service to unsophisticated investors.